About us

We are a German-Moroccan company based in Nuremberg, Bavaria.

We run an online mail order business for high quality pure argan oil from Arganim. We import the high-quality argan oil directly from Morocco AGADIR. We try very hard to raise our quality standards, because every day, many people trust our brand ARGANIM and we want to earn this trust.

Our argan oil is cold-pressed and comes from ecologically certified cultivation.

Follow us on social media. We operate several channels on social media and regularly post news and tips for argan oil.

Here you can buy our argan oil:

arganim-prudukt-mit flasche
Our Online-Shop

To order larger quantities (dealer) please contact us.

We look forward to you!

To order larger quantities (dealer) contact us.

We look forward to you!


Hümeyra Abergna

Arganim Nürnberg
Höfener Str. 143
90431 Nürnberg
Te­le­fon: (0911) 478 82 855
Te­le­fax: (0911) 478 82 854
E-Mail: info@arganim.de
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