Argan oil for the eyelashes

Who doesn’t wish for them: long, thick, dark, beautifully curved eyelashes… They provide the perfect eye look, attract attention and give the face expression and yes, also a portion of sensuality. But unfortunately, not every lady is naturally blessed with beautiful eyelashes. Sometimes they are too thin, sometimes too short, sometimes both at the same time – and sometimes they break off quickly… For many women, a real vicious circle. But here is the good news: The dream of perfect eyelashes can become reality with argan oil!


But why do eyelashes actually become thinner or break off? As with hair loss, there are also many causes in the area of the eyelashes, such as a lack of vitamins, nutrients and vital substances, hormonal reasons, thinning skin, inflammation or irritation of the root of the eyelashes, lack of make-up removal, mechanical stimuli such as eye rubbing or diseases of the thyroid gland, for example.


Care of eyelashes with argan oil

Our Arganim Argan Oil strengthens the eyelashes and makes the hairs grow thicker, stronger and longer. How is that possible? Argan oil is extracted from the seeds of the argan tree and therefore is rich in moisturising linoleic acid, an unsaturated fatty acid. Thin, breaking eyelashes in particular benefit from this, as they are intensively nourished and moisturised by the linoleic acid. In addition, linoleic acid inhibits inflammatory processes at the hair roots – one of the main triggers for falling out eyelashes. In addition, the eyelashes as well as the sensitive skin on the upper eyelid are nourished with the nutrients, many unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants richly contained in argan oil. The skin becomes more elastic and revitalised, the eyelashes are strengthened from base to tip. In addition, with our Arganim Argan Oil, eyelashes may grow back faster and thicker. It works like an eyelash serum and a booster for the health of the eyelashes.

Our tips:

  • Rub the upper eyelid and eyelashes with a few drops of argan oil at least once a day.
  • Argan oil is also ideal for gentle, natural, nourishing and effective make-up removal from the entire face and, of course, the eyelashes.

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