Hair loss & thin hair

And suddenly, there is hair everywhere. In the shower. In bed. On the hoodie. On the ground. And there are also more hairs than usual in the hairbrush. Statistically, every third person has to deal with hair loss or thinning hair over the course of their life.

The causes of hair loss or thinning hair are manifold: It is often hormonal – such as after pregnancy, after discontinuing the pill or during the menopause. The reason for this is the drop in oestrogen levels. Often, the problem of hormonally induced hair loss has settled down again after about six months. Nevertheless, the quality of the hair is often significantly worse afterwards and the hair is thinner than before. Men in particular often fall victim to hereditary hair loss, which manifests itself with receding hairlines, for example. But stress, thyroid diseases, iron deficiency, nutrient deficiency or even strict hairstyles such as a chignon or ponytail can also cause hair loss.

Good to know:

A loss of 80 to 100 hairs per day is normal – anything above that is called hair loss. Thin hair is defined by the number of hairs on the head per square centimetre. Fine hair is when the diameter of the individual hair is small.

Treatment of hair loss/thinning hair with argan oil

What we should do about hair loss or thinning hair? Get to the root of the problem! If the base, i.e. the hair root, is strong, the hair is held in the scalp and the hair is supplied with all important nutrients via the healthy root. So if you go to the root, you give the hair the best chance of growing back strong and healthy. How does that work? Via stimulation and massage of the scalp.  This promotes and increases blood circulation and thus also the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Our Arganim Argan Oil is ideal for a relaxing and at the same time nourishing scalp massage. The massage provides the scalp, the hair root and the hair with important vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids (especially linoleic and linolenic acids), nutrients and minerals that are abundant in argan oil. Special mention should be made of the so-called ferulic acid of argan oil. The antioxidant soothes irritated hair roots and gives hair a healthy shine. In addition, it also filters the harmful effects of UV radiation and thus acts as a protective shield for the scalp and hair.

Did you know that argan oil has been considered a miracle cure for hair growth for many thousands of years? There is a simple explanation: The particularly high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids has a positive effect on hair growth, because the ceramides contained are significantly involved in hair growth. The revitalising effects of argan oil also strengthen hair health, thereby supporting not only hair growth but also hair thickness and stability. The result is fuller, healthy, shiny hair that is protected against harmful environmental influences and stress.

Good to know: What works on the head also applies to eyelashes and eyebrows. These fine hairs also benefit from the strengthening and growth-promoting effects of argan oil!


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