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Becoming a mother for the first time! What a great once-in-a-lifetime experience! But along with all the anticipation, there is often uncertainty about how to deal with a small, delicate baby. New mums often don’t know what the ideal care for their newborn might look like. Generally speaking, it can be said: “Less is more”, because baby skin is five times thinner than adult skin, and sebaceous glands and calluses are not yet developed. Therefore, baby skin is particularly sensitive to irritation and loses moisture quickly, which can weaken the skin barrier and promote irritation or rashes on the skin. Pollutants, preservatives and allergens in care products further provoke this process.

Therefore, midwives recommend very natural care for babies:

  • For daily washing of the face, genital area, armpits and skin folds, a soft flannel and warm water is sufficient. Soaps or wash gels are NOT necessary!

  • Your little one can be bathed 1 to 7 times per week for 5 to 10 minutes at a water temperature of around 37-38°C – depending on whether the baby loves or hates the wet. From a hygienic standpoint, however, once per week is sufficient. Bath additives are not required – but if you want them, they should not contain preservatives or fragrances, parabens or silicones and should of course be extra mild and made for babies!
  • Important: After washing or bathing, the little earthling should be dried off well immediately and kept warm, as babies lose body temperature quite quickly. The navel base, armpits, genital area and skin folds should be patted dry well
  • If the nappy area is sore, it can be treated with a wound ointment, which should also contain zinc, or with baby powder

Ideal for baby skin: Care with Argan Oil

Pure oils of at least food quality are the most natural care for babies and therefore always recommended from midwives. And rightly so, because oils, such as our organically grown and cold-pressed Arganim Argan Oil, contain few allergens, are gentle on the skin, keep the skin elastic, lie on the skin like a protective film, moisturise it and keep it from drying out. Baby and also children’s skin absolutely needs support in the form of moisturising care to store moisture and fat in the quantities it needs. It is best to use argan oil directly after washing or bathing. It is ideal for the entire baby’s body, but especially for areas such as the delicate nappy area or the scalp, which can scab badly – this scab can simply and gently be dabbed with argan oil and then removed with a soft cloth or a very soft brush.

In the first 14 days after birth or when the heating air is dry in the winter, many babies tend to have dry, scaly skin, especially around the trunk. Here, our Arganim Argan Oil can gently help heal and regenerate the skin, because it soothes, protects, relieves itching and cares at the same time. Therefore, argan oil is also ideal for the treatment of neurodermatitis in babies and children. If required, our argan oil can even be used several times a day for baby care. Nevertheless, you should start with a small dose of argan oil. The dose can be kept or increased once the oil shows the desired effect.

But argan oil has even more benefits in terms of baby care:

  • It does not have a strong inherent odour
  • It is so natural and high quality that it could also be “eaten”. It can also be used to care for the baby’s hands and fingers, because your darling can put his or her little fingers in the mouth without hesitation afterwards.

Babies love them: Massages!

What is more beautiful than direct physical contact between parents and child?! No wonder, then, why these delicate creatures love to be cared for and, above all, massaged. An ideal daily massage companion? Our Arganim Argan Oil! It absorbs well, leaves no greasy film and gently and naturally stimulates the baby’s delicate skin. This daily massage ritual is not only a highlight for the very youngest – toddlers also appreciate the care very much, because it helps to build up and protect the skin barrier and the massage also supports the bond between the little one and the parents.

In addition, care and massage help to develop the baby’s/child’s body awareness.

Good to know: Conventional creams often contain a mix of many ingredients that can irritate in combination – the fewer ingredients, the better – this also applies to the care of sensitive adult skin.


For baby skin, start with a small dose. Once the oil shows the desired effect, the dose can be maintained or increased.



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