Our feet are exposed to the greatest stresses every day – and yet we neglect them most often when it comes to care. Calluses – especially on the feet – are often a very painful problem. Calluses can develop wherever there is pressure or friction: On the (toe) balls, on the toes – even between the toes – or on the heels. But calluses can also develop on areas that are regularly subjected to heavy stress, such as the hands or fingers (example: Guitar player). This often makes it not only a medical problem, but also a cosmetic one. Beautiful, well-groomed feet are just as important as well-groomed hands. Important: The horny layer is a protection of the skin against moisture loss or external factors. It is only when calluses appear that are very raised or painfully pressing that one speaks of a corneal problem.

Treatment of calluses with argan oil

The care of corneal problems aims at two pillars: 1. To remove the excessive calluses and thus also the pain, and 2. To permanently moisturise the skin so that these stressed areas remain elastic and retain enough moisture. Our natural, valuable Arganim Argan Oil with its ingredients is perfectly suited for the care of areas affected by horny skin, as it moisturises and provides lasting and particularly intensive care for the plagued areas. With regular use, you will achieve wonderfully well-groomed, supple feet.


As an optimal care routine for calluses, we recommend the following steps:

–  Leave your feet in a foot bath with warm water for about 10 minutes to soften the calluses.

–  Then take a callus file to remove flaky and dead parts of the callus. But be careful! Don’t take too much away!

– In a final step, massage argan oil into the callus-affected areas. Of course, you can also apply the oil to your entire feet for an optimal care effect.

Our tip: Applied overnight, our Arganim Argan Oil unfolds its full potential. After applying the oil, put on cotton stockings so that the skin can completely absorb the valuable oil without contaminating the bed linen. The moisturising argan oil softens horny skin and also scar tissue and ensures a pleasant skin feeling with its circulation-promoting effect. Pure wellness!



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