Itchy scalp

Did you know that almost 50% of the world’s population suffers from scalp problems? Itchy, dry or sensitive scalps are among the most common problems. Not infrequently, the micro-organisms of dandruff or damaging environmental influences are responsible for these symptoms. And vice versa, dry scalp often provides a suitable breeding ground for dandruff.

Treatment with argan oil

Important for all scalp problems: The agent to be used should be able to fulfil several tasks. It should soothe, relieve itching, protect and regenerate the scalp and, of course, moisturise it a lot. In addition, it should be low in irritants, i.e. it should not contain any ingredients that cause even more damage to the problem-ridden scalp. A very proven remedy for the treatment of itchy scalp for several centuries, which combines all the above-mentioned effects, is argan oil, such as our pure, natural cold-pressed Arganim Argan Oil. Argan oil has a positive and very intensive effect on the sensitive, dry or itchy scalp – and also prevents dandruff. In addition, argan oil protects the scalp and hair from harmful environmental influences such as UV radiation, chlorine or heat.

Arganim Argan Oil not only has a positive effect on the skin and hair, but also helps with problems with the scalp. Annoying scalp itching is often the result of damaging environmental influences. Those who want to counteract this stress and seek help for the regeneration of stressed scalps should take preventive action with argan oil. Dry scalp, favoured by UV rays or heating air, usually produces an unpleasant itchy scalp. The drying out of the scalp often provides a suitable breeding ground for dandruff.

Arganim Argan Oil not only successfully treats dry scalp, but also prevents dandruff. Ideal for daily hair washing are shampoos with argan oil, which are offered without harmful ingredients and silicones. A few drops of argan oil, which users simply massage into the scalp, also help to prevent unpleasant itching.

The Arganim Argan Oil is absorbed quickly without leaving a greasy film, scalp massages with argan oil help the scalp to regenerate.

Application of argan oil for scalp problems:

–  Massage a small amount of argan oil intensively into the scalp. This also stimulates the blood circulation, which promotes the regeneration of the scalp. You can now leave the oil on for at least 30 minutes or overnight. The longer the exposure time, the better the result. After the exposure time, wash the oil out again with a mild shampoo without harmful ingredients and silicones.

–  Since argan oil is quickly absorbed and does not leave a greasy film, you can also apply a small amount to the scalp after washing or treat itchy areas.


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