Parched lips

Dry lips are a common problem – especially in winter. They stretch, burst, become brittle, dry and can then also really hurt. In addition, chapped lips can also encourage bacteria, and it is not uncommon for this to be followed by a long-lasting inflammation of the lips. Causes for dry lips can be, for example, heating air, too cold air, a lack of fluid in the body or a small injury.

Treatment of dry lips

Argan oil, like our all-natural Arganim Argan Oil is the most natural lip balm you could wish for. Especially on the mouth or lips, you should be really careful what kind of product you use. Argan oil is so pure that you can also drink it. The use of argan oil ensures smooth, moisturised, soothed and nourished lips. The composition of argan oil with its many vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, tocopherols and trace elements not only ensures a disinfecting and antibacterial effect, so that a faster healing process is achieved, but also for regeneration and moisture penetration of the suffering lips. Argan oil is also ideal for daily lip care and thus for the prevention of lip problems. With argan oil, your lips will remain a wonderful, well-groomed eye-catcher! Furthermore, experience has shown that regular use of argan oil can lead to larger and fuller lips.

The precious Arganim Argan Oil does the skin good in many areas. The composition of the oil provides a disinfecting and antibacterial effect so that a faster healing process is made possible. Tighter skin and the associated rejuvenating effect are also among the positive properties of this valuable natural product.

Tips for using argan oil on the lips

  • Massage a small drop of argan oil into the lips with your finger several times a day until it is absorbed. Our tip: If your lips are healthy, do a careful exfoliation with a little sea salt or with a toothbrush beforehand. This stimulates the blood circulation and the argan oil can be absorbed even better afterwards.
  • Use argan oil as a lip gloss. It gives your lips a quick wonderful natural shine and gives them a healthy glow!
  • Apply argan oil to the lips before applying lipstick. This provides them with sufficient moisture, intensifies the lip colour and makes the lipstick last longer on the lips.


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