Razor burn and skin irritation

Ouch, it burns, itches and hurts! I’m sure each and every one of us has experienced razor burn on several occasions. Medically, it is called pseudofolliculitis 

barbae. This skin irritation caused by shaving manifests itself in the form of redness and irritation on the shaved skin areas. Sometimes, these irritations can last up to a week.  Razor burn is caused by the shaving process itself, during which – mostly due to an incorrect shaving technique or due to incorrect or missing tools – the top layer of skin is removed.

Important: When shaving wet, always shave in the direction of hair growth and never against it! If you have acute razor burn, DO NOT shave these irritated areas until the skin has recovered. Make sure you only use sharp razor blades and not blunt ones.

Prevent & treat razor burn with argan oil

– For example, apply our Arganim Argan Oil on the cleansed skin, the hair will swell and become softer, and the skin will become smoother, so the razor will glide better over the areas to be shaved.

–  After shaving, massage our Arganim Argan Oil into the shaved skin areas. Argan oil soothes irritated skin, has a scientifically proven anti-inflammatory, cooling and moisturising effect. The essential fatty acids support the healing of the damaged skin. The antioxidant effect of argan oil also plays a role in the topic of razor burn, because the stressed skin can become firmer and less sensitive in the long term due to the essential fatty acids contained in the oil, among other things.

 Attention, men: Argan oil is the ideal care after shaving your beard, because it is not only soothing and nourishing for the shaved skin, but also a great natural anti-ageing care for you! Overall, the complete skin texture is improved by using argan oil.

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