Rosacea (also called couperose) is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that occurs in episodes and affects about four million Germans, mainly the face with the forehead, nose, chin or cheeks. It is curious that many of those affected do not even know that they have rosacea, because the symptoms of rosacea are similar to those of allergies: Inflammatory foci on the skin in the form of nodules, pustules or larger persistent redness, swelling, burst veins, for example, are signs of rosacea. It is not yet clear why rosacea develops. Scientists assume that there are several factors, including a disorder in the innate immune system. Most often, the first episode occurs in infancy. What is certain is that more women than men get rosacea and lighter skin types carry a higher risk of developing the disease. In addition, the disease is significantly more common in northern than in southern Europe. Those affected often suffer from rosacea psychologically – and take care to avoid UV radiation, spicy foods or alcohol, for example, because the irritated skin can react to these with hypersensitivity.

Here’s some good news: Rosacea can be significantly reduced and alleviated with the right care.

Not all red skin has to be rosacea . Sometimes, the skin simply “goes crazy” due to environmental influences. Reddened skin is usually very irritated – and often an indication that the skin barrier may be compromised or perhaps a contact allergy is present. It is now important to take proper care of the suffering skin, which often also itches or feels heated.

Rosacea and redness treatments with argan oil

Our Arganim Argan Oil helps immediately with redness, itching and general irritation of the skin. Why? The particularly valuable composition of vitamins, trace elements, antioxidants,

tocopherols (vitamin E compounds) and unsaturated fatty acids have several effects: It has an antibacterial, disinfecting and healing effect, it soothes itching, moisturises to the deeper layers of the skin, regenerates skin cells and cools irritated skin. Thus, the skin receives moisture and lipids in one care step. It is also a natural product without synthetic ingredients or preservatives, so reddened skin is not further irritated. With argan oil you will find exactly the right care partner for irritated, reddened skin.


We recommend two applications per day with our Arganim Argan Oil. Beforehand, the skin should be cleaned with lukewarm water and dried well. Spread a small amount of argan oil on the affected areas and let it absorb well.



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