Stretch marks

Let’s be honest: As much as we are happy about pregnancy, we are also afraid of side effects such as stretch marks.

But not only pregnant women can get stretch marks or cellulite, but also growing adolescents and people who have gained a lot of weight. Rapid stretching of the skin combined with loss of elasticity or a thinner lower layer of skin causes stretch marks to appear. This is why younger women or men and women who become pregnant at a younger age are often affected more often, as the connective tissue is not yet fully mature. Stretch marks are there for a reason – even if it sounds unattractive – because otherwise our skin would not be able to withstand the stretching that occurs during pregnancy or when we gain weight and increase our girth. What to do?  Stretch marks can be prevented or reduced through targeted care. So the appearance of the skin can definitely be improved and unsightly dents or wrinkled skin can be at least partially “ironed away”.


Improvement or prevention of stretch marks with argan oil

Midwives do not recommend massaging the abdomen with argan oil for nothing, as it is unique in its combination of vitamins, essential fatty acids, secondary plant substances,

vital and mineral substances and achieves the best results in all its areas of application. A massage with argan oil is not only a true blessing for every pregnant woman and also a kind of cuddling with the unborn child, it also significantly contributes to the fact that the skin is well supplied with blood, remains elastic and can carefully stretch. Elasticity almost plays the biggest role in preventing stretch marks! Our Arganim Argan Oil is a natural product, it is cold pressed and is therefore of the highest possible quality. Of course, it is free from harmful substances and is fairly grown and processed.

What can our Arganim Argan Oil do for you? The phytosterols contained in argan oil have a purifying effect, support the vital function of the skin and firm the connective tissue. Essential fatty acids, antioxidants and secondary plant substances keep the skin elastic, protect it and provide it with intensive moisture right into the deeper layers of the skin: The skin looks plump and firm. In addition, argan oil also has an anti-inflammatory effect: Thanks to this property, inflammatory processes in the skin, which appear for example when the skin fibres tear, are alleviated or even stopped.


Our application tips:

Of course, argan oil is not only suitable for use on the abdomen, but for all parts of the body that can develop stretch marks, such as the chest and décolleté, buttocks, thighs or upper arms.

– At best, start massaging the abdomen and other parts of the body early in pregnancy and continue the treatment after delivery until the body has recovered. A small amount of the oil is sufficient to massage it in gently. With soft and circular movements, the Arganim Argan Oil is spread evenly and thinly and massaged into the desired areas.

– Give the oil time to absorb and refrain from taking a bath or shower for at least two hours afterwards. This way, the oil can unfold its full effect.

We recommend treatment twice a day, i.e. in the morning and in the evening.

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