We love the summer and being in the sun. But, be careful: Without sun protection, the pleasure is not long-lasting. Because sunburn hurts like hell and the skin is red,

partly swollen and itchy. Often, there are also strong feelings of heat on the affected skin areas. Sunburn, which is usually a first-degree burn, cannot be reversed, but the symptoms and accompanying symptoms can be treated well. Exception: If the skin is burnt so badly that blisters have formed on the skin, a doctor should of course be consulted.

Treating sunburn

The first measure should be to cool the affected skin areas with cold water, for example, to limit the extent of the sunburn. Of course, further exposure to sunlight should also be avoided. What sun-stressed skin needs afterwards,

is a treatment with cooling, soothing, moisturising cosmetics. With our naturally produced, cold pressed Arganim Argan Oil, you get all these benefits in one product. Pain, itching, the overheated feeling and any inflammation that may follow are reduced by the oil. In addition, the healing is accelerated by the antioxidant effect. The vitamins, trace elements, tocopherols and unsaturated fatty acids contained in argan oil protect the cells, accelerate the regeneration of the skin and, above all, provide it with intensive moisture. Arganim Argan Oil is therefore free from artificial ingredients, which contributes to the very good tolerance of this product. Argan oil should be kept as cool as possible at about ten to fifteen degrees.

Application of argan oil for sunburn:

– First, carefully spread a small amount of argan oil directly on the burnt area – this allows the argan oil to work intensively. You can repeat the treatment with argan oil several times a day.

– In case of burns, it is also recommended to take the oil orally. This way, inflammations can be fought more quickly.



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