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Lava clay – the gentle, Moroccan way of cleansing

Nomen est Omen – and we are already exactly at the meaning of this Latin saying with lava clay. Lava clay has nothing to do with lava, i.e. the liquid magma escaping from a volcano. The “lava” in lava clay derives from the Latin word for washing (= lavare). The Moroccan word Ghassoul has exactly the same meaning and that is why lava clay can also be bought under the name Ghassoul or Ghassoul clay.

Lava clay is clay from the Atlas Mountains that is finely ground into powder and has a number of great ingredients. These include magnesium (14.3%), silicon (20%), iron (6.62 grams per kilo) and calcium (1.7%).

Since the 8th century, lava clay has been known and loved for its gently cleansing and nourishing effect on skin and hair. Berbers and Moroccans have developed different recipes for pastes or mixtures and passed them down through the generations. In North Africa, Ghassoul has been used for thousands of years during the washing ritual in the hammam for full-body cleansing. Lava clay therefore is a ancient and, above all, absolutely natural way of washing oneself and also cleaning the hair. You might be asking yourself now: With clay? Is that possible? Yes, it actually works quite well. This is because the minerals contained in Ghassoul act like a magnet on dirt and grease – they literally draw both away from hair and skin. What’s more, the clay is so pure and contains no additives that it is perfect for anyone suffering from allergies and can also be used for baby and child care. However, cleansing is just one of the benefits of lava clay – intensive care is the other. Cleansing with lava clay is like a wellness programme for skin and hair – and good for nature and the environment at the same time. Immerse yourself in the Moroccan way of cleansing and transform your bathroom into an oriental hammam!

Free from surfactants and foaming!

The minerals contained in lava clay stabilise the skin and do it good – and cleanse without drying out or irritating mucous membranes. By the way, this is alsothe case with surfactants (washing-active substances) or foaming agents, which are contained in many shampoos or shower gels. Unfortunately, the following misconception persists: The more foam, the better the cleaning effect. But that is not the case at all. Foam is not responsible for the cleaning effect. What’s responsible is  the surfactants, i.e. the washing-active substances – of which there are worse and better ones. Many of them consist of salts, which dry out the skin and hair. Especially for allergy sufferers, surfactants are not good at all. Therefore, lava clay is a natural way of cleansing without foam and an organic alternative to surfactants for everyone – but especially for sensitive people. Did you know that surfactants are difficult to degrade and pollute the environment, for example through foam deposits in the sea?


Possible applications

Hair greatly benefits from lava clay. It is not burdened by the application, but is cleaned and cared for in a moisturising and gentle but also intensive way.

The organic powder can also be applied as a gentle peeling for face and body or as a face mask. Your skin has never been this soft, rosy and with a wonderful glow as after a Ghassoul application!

For one application, simply mix Ghassoul in a ratio of 1:2 with warm water (it does not have to be hot!) to form a smooth paste and leave to soak for about 3 to 5 minutes. Make sure that neither the bowl nor the spoon are made of metal. The paste should be more fluid for use on the head than for the body or face.


If you like, add a few drops of argan oil to the mixture as a booster, this enhances the care effect! For a wonderful fragrance, rose or orange water is a great addition.

Then, simply apply the paste to wet hair and scalp – or face and/or body – and leave on as desired. The longer the Ghassoul remains on the skin and hair, the more intense the effect. When rinsing, you will not notice any foam, which is an adjustment for many at first. The paste has to be removed when it starts to crumble at the latest.

What you will definitely notice: You need to wash your hair far less often with Ghassoul, as lava clay reduces greasiness. If you suffer from pimples, acne, neurodermatitis or psoriasis, for example, you will quickly notice a significant improvement.



You can use Arganim Ghassoul for daily cleansing. For cleansing the face in the morning, simply take the paste off right away without letting it sit.

The applications are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers, acne, inflammation and itching.


GHASSOUL benefits for the skin and face

Arganim Ghassoul, the natural skin care from the Orient

Do you have sensitive skin, acne or are you allergic to conventional facial care products? You won’t get a more natural and more nurturing and at the same time soothing care than with the all-natural Arganim Ghassoul. As Arganim Ghassoul is fragrance-neutral and contains no additives, it does not sting the eyes. Therefore, it is also suitable for baby and child care – and of course for people with conditions such as neurodermatitis, psoriasis or rashes. Arganim Ghassoul soothes the skin, supports healing and makes itching disappear.

Granted: At first, it seems to take some getting used to to apply the muddy mixture as a hair treatment, shampoo, scrub or face mask. But once you have experienced the beneficial effects of the valuable trace elements and minerals, you will not want to miss them again. Moreover, Ghassoul is very yielding and vegan and thus an inexpensive organic beauty care. By the way: Ghassoul also has a positive effect on scar tissue – many users even report a strong decrease in scar tissue.

Ghassoul removes pollutants, naturally cleanses and has a purifying and stimulating effect. Inflammation and itching decrease significantly with regular use. At the same time, the natural acid mantle of the skin is not destroyed.


Benefits of GHASSOUL for hair care

You don’t have to be a surfactant allergy sufferer to think about organic and eco-friendly hair care. The desire for more nature is great and growing steadily. What we put on our skin and hair, what we clean them with – all this is becoming increasingly important to us. And the packaging also plays a role: We don’t like plastic anymore – we want to protect the environment. For lovers of natural care or for those who want to become one, Ghassoul is the ideal solution: Ghassoul is cheap, long-lasting and is able to replace many different care products that unnecessarily fill the bathroom. Ghassoul cleanses the hair thoroughly but gently: Grease and dirt are rinsed off, but at the same time, the natural protective layer of the hair is neither attacked nor dried out.

The results speak for themselves: The wash-active clay as a hair treatment has an invigorating effect on the scalp and is an absolute boon. Ghassoul is suitable for all hair types and even for neurodermatitis or psoriasis and for babies. The result after washing your hair: The hair feels silky soft and less greasy. After a period of getting used to it, you will need to wash your hair much less. This makes Ghassoul an affordable alternative to other organic shampoos.
Another advantage: Natural Arganim Ghassoul has a neutral fragrance. This encourages people who do not want to do without fragrances to mix it individually with essential fragrances or oils depending on their mood.

Be creative and create your own favourite Arganim Ghassoul shampoo!


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